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    Good Morning  Eric,

    Merry Christmas on this bright and Cold day in Tokyo.

    I did locate and apply your suggestion. I chose a Dark Grey, and when I checked my site, the entire site became dark grey, not just the Header. I am attempting to have a different color Header from a White Body. Again, I used the Appearance>Themes>Customize feature in Legacy and curiously, the Drop-down Menu lists under Colors:  Header Text Color, and, Background Color. These appear in one box and so I thought they both referred to the Header.

    Below that box in the Menu is: Background Image.  Frankly, I don’t know how to use that, but I’ll learn if I need to.

    Please, when you’re free,  advise how to proceed…I know it’s the Holidays so I don’t want to seem ‘demanding’.

    Thanx for your assistance Eric,

    Tom Dolan