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    Wait a Minute Please! About the above Post #2184, I just discovered that the above mentioned boxes in the Secure Contact Form are now White…the problem is I don’t know what I did to change anything, and I just hate when something changes for the good-or-bad and I don’t know why. Anyway,

    for your interest I was adjusting the Header from float: left, to, float: center,  just to see if it still increased in Height, but since I added the color, it hasn’t changed height. So I wrote it back to float: left. Then checking around to see if I destroyed anything else I saw that all the Red boxes had turned White??

    I’m happy with the result as long as I didn’t infect the code with a site flu or something.

    So unless there’s some emergency message that I need to know, please forget the above and Thanx for your help.

    Ton Dolan