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      Thank you for any help in advance!

      I am having trouble finding the correct css to put an image in the background of a page. I was able to change the color but not able to insert an image. What css should I be working with?

      Thanks so much for your time and energy!


        Sure I can help. If you can post a link to your site I can tell you exactly what needs to be changed.

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            You’ll have to post it the regular way in order for me to see it.


              Hello Scooby,

              Thank you for the response. There is not much to see at the site right now I am just messing about trying to get some things in order before I build the real deal. Anyways here is the link –


              Here is a link to a page where I would want to put in a background image.


              Thanks so much for the help!


                It depends, which part of the page? The entire page? or just a specific area? Also, are you trying to do this throughout the entire site or just that specific page?

                Sitewide – you could just add something to the body on line 152

                For that specific page you’d need to create code for that particular page ID/Class, which is page-id-1152 and then add that in front of .site-inner. Here is the site-inner code which wraps the content area (on line 552 in your css) –

                .site-inner {
                    background: #f5f5f5;
                    clear: both;
                    padding-top: 40px;
                    padding-top: 2.5rem;

                you would need to add separate code like this – .page-id-1152 .site-inner


                  Hi Scooby

                  I have a question regarding how this would work with a post.

                  I am using a testimonial plugin and am having a tough time removing the post background color.

                  Ideally I would like no background color just the text on top of the footer background color.

                  I have been messing about with the css but with no luck.

                  This is the site I am working on.


                  Thank you very much for any help or advice you can give!

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