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      Since the arrival of HTML5 enabled Genesis, it seems I can’t get rules to behave like I used to. Here’s a couple of things I can’t figure out and wonder if anyone knows a reason or a solution.


      The flyouts on the navigation bar have a black background that I cannot change. I can add borders, change font size and color but cannot seem to affect the background with either color, image, or with inset box shadow.

      Also, the same menu, I would like to center the links inside the container div. This happens by default when I shrink the screen size but nothing that I do seems to be able to make the justification of these buttons change.

      I did notice that there are rules in the CSS that use the greater than symbol (>), and as I understand, that means such rules only apply to the immediate child element and not to grand-child or great-grand-child elements. I wonder if, in the “cascading” scheme of things, that makes such rules trump even the !important tag. Whatever it is, I can’t find anything that works.

      Please help if you have an answer. If you don’t have an answer, please listen like me, rather than kill my thread. Thank you for your help.


        I’m having similar problems as well. I can comment an area out to verify that the styles in the related class or id are controlling what I think they are on the page, but when I go to change the selector values nothing happens. It’s quite frustrating.

        Stinkykong, I was working on my navbar styling as well and nothing was working. Once I added new links to the menu in Appearance>Menus, those new links had taken the new styling. So I had to remove all the links that weren’t taking the new styling, and re-add them. It seemed to work.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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