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      I have a number of sites using Epik, the latest version, and these 2 in particular “Hang” at load… Now it loads the menu and the backgrounds but the slideshow and content dont become visible UNTIL you move your mouse…

      This is the site “Hung” – LOAD WITHOUT SCROLLING OR CLICKING – It will sit there till domesday…

      This is the site “loaded” after you scroll or click your mouse.

      NOW this JUST started like in the last week? Couple days? I am not on these sites every day but I did notice this behavior right away I think.

      The two sites in question are https://www.fidospantry.com/ and https://www.origamirestaurant.com/.

      They both hang the same way… Thoughts?


        Looks like it’s doing that because of the fadeup effect. You may already know this, but the fadeup effect is designed to have the content fadein-up when you scroll to each section. Since the first section has it added to the code (slider), it’s waiting on you to scroll so the effect can kick in.

        I would probably just remove it from the 1st and/or 2nd widgets. You can easily remove this from the front-page.php widget sections. Look for the fadeup-effect class in the slider section and remove it –

        	genesis_widget_area( 'slider', array(
        		'before' => '<div class="slider"><div class="front-page-1"><div class="image-section"><div class="flexible-widgets widget-area fadeup-effect"><div class="wrap">',
        		'after' => '</div></div></div></div></div>',
        	) );

        Let me know if that fixes it.


          Hi Wes. The theme still rocks by the way – setting up 2 more sites with it and the customers are loving it…

          I figured out why it was hanging and it was a conflict unrelated to the theme – er well it was related to the theme but not the fault of the theme – there was an image on the first pages that was at an http location and the server/theme didnt like that – I changed its url to https and all was good again. So I am keeping an eye out for that whenever I have a theme or site go squiffy performance wise. Thanks again for the understanding!


            Ah, I thought you were referring to a different issue. Glad everything is working.

            Are these 2 sites done? If so I’ll share them on Twitter/Social Media.

            Also, anytime you create something with one of our themes, feel free to post them on the showcase if you like – https://appfinite.com/forum/showcase/ Not too many people know about it so I’m trying to share the link for those that are interested.

            Great work BTW!


              Believe it or not this turned out to be an SSL thing and i will leave it at that.


                Wes, where can i find the latest version of Epik? Mine seems to be 1.5 and i would hve sworn there was a newer variant.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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