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      I would like to know if it is possible to go from the portfolio grid view to the post in full width content for categories like photography, artwork, etc. And with an other category like News, to be able to see posts in the more traditional view of scroll with content and sidebar.






        I’m a little confused on what you’re asking exactly, but I’ll try and explain what this portfolio is and 聽what it can do.

        This particular portfolio is designed to be as simple as possible, think of it as just a blog that is redesigned to show in a portfolio thumbnail format. I didn’t want to make it too complex by adding too many features/code since heavy duty portfolios be done with plugins rather than themes.

        With this particular portfolio you can either have all categories on one page, or you can have select categories show by excluding the category id’s you don’t want to appear in the Genesis Theme Settings, or you can have multiple portfolio items that show each category separately on each page. 聽Here are a couple tutorials on how to create multiple portfolios – 聽

        Some users ask if its possible to have each portfolio item/post/thumbnail link to different categories that open up to show a portfolio of that specific category, and at this time its not unable to do this just yet. 聽However, as mentioned above, you can have multiple portfolio pages that show each category separately.

        Again, this is pretty simple, so if you need something a little more complex, then I would recommend searching the WordPress plugin area.


          Thanks Wes,


          I mostly understand what you are explaining and that is definitely a feature I am looking for with regard to portfolio grids.


          My question may be so obvious that it sounds confusing, this could just be the result of a newbie 馃檪


          Anyways, I want to use the portfolio grid function to organize a large database of artwork. I want to have the art to be in a full width, like this:



          However, I want my News posts to be like this:



          Is that easy enough to do, does my question make more sense?




            From what it sounds like, you could just use the blog itself. 聽This tutorial –聽would work for the blog and regular posts as well. 聽Just make sure you have the featured image enabled in your Genesis Theme Settings.

            You could set up specific blog posts to show on certain pages (like the tutorial). 聽Otherwise you would need to edit the css of the portfolio posts to be full width.


              Thanks for all the support Wes! It is encouraging to know you support your work so efficiently.




                You’re Welcome!

                Let me know if you run into any issues.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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