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      The designer and I have added numerous custom functions and stylings to the Epik theme. Individually they all function fine. And from the “outside” the site seems to function fine. However, each time we add something new to the functions.php file, the wp-admin login breaks and no one is able to log in to the site, or if they are already logged in, no changes or updates can be made. Please advise!

      We are on a deadline and need this resolved pronto. Thanks.


        The theme’s function file doesn’t “break” anything on the admin side. Sounds like you may have added some faulty code in by mistake.

        Whatever issues you are having is due to an error in the custom code that you are adding to your file. If you are adding code to your functions file…or any php file, and there is an error in your code, then your entire site will break. This of course has nothing to do with the theme itself, you just have to figure what the error is in your code. So you may want to double check that you’re adding everything in correctly. Start fresh and add each code in separately so you can single out where your error is.

        It’s highly recommended to use FTP and a html/css/php editor to edit your files just in case you make a mistake like this again, because if you do, you’ll be able to undo any errors. If you use the WP admin editor then you’ll be stuck on the error screen and it won’t allow you to go back (that’s just the way WordPress and PHP works)….so use FTP if you can.

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          Hi, Erik.

          I appreciate your response. However, I’m afraid it isn’t very helpful. There is no error code at all, just a blank screen when we attempt to access the dashboard. And we have used FTP and html/css/php editors to edit the files (neither of us are new to this). We have successfully removed and added back in all the customizations separately, and each one works without error. But the next time anyone tries to access the wp-admin area, we are not able to.

          Anyone else have a suggestion as to what might be causing this? All code snippets used are Genesis/WP correct. No error messages, and code has been entered through an editor and was verified as we went.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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