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      I am loving this theme bu struggling with finding any documentation on image sizes so I have numerous questions. I hope that someone will be kind enough to help me :-).

      Firstly, I am operating the site on full width pages, no columns…

      – Feature images in pages. What size should these be if I want them to be full width?
      – Feature images in posts. Is this the same size as above?
      – In the body of posts. What size picture should I post if I want it to be full width?
      – And what size if I want it half width?
      – And with all of the above, can I confirm that this size will then work on multiple devices?

      Final question, and it is regarding video. When I put the link for a video in a page or post, in the back end it shows as full width but on the page on my PC, it is about 1/3 width and leaves a whole load of white space to the right. There seems to be no way to either resize this or wrap the text around.

      I look forward to hearing from experts who can help.

      Many thanks


        Since the theme is 1140px width, you can add any size you prefer, whether it’s 1140 or more, WordPress will automatically scale it down to fit within the theme’s width/page.

        Image sizes will be different for each image so don’t worry too much about a specific size. If you want it to be full width on a FULL WIDTH page template, just make sure it’s at least around 1140px width. The height will depend on the image itself. Some image’s height will be larger or smaller than others, it just depends on the image itself. WordPress will decide how it shows up based on the type of page you’re using (Full Width, Sidebar, etc)

        If you’re adding a featured image on a regular page template with a sidebar, then the image width usually won’t exceed 700px. WordPress will handle the sizing for you if you use a template page with a sidebar (smaller content area).


          Thank you Wes. That is awesome. Have a great day.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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