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      Trying to wrap my head around the EIGHT versions of a photo I upload that are created. This is too many for my uses, so I’m seeking some feedback and advice. I know I can comment out the Epik code in functions.php to eliminate a few of the Epik created sizes… but… I’m also asking what are they for?

      For every photo I upload, I end up with eight versions of it. orig-file.jpg

      Genesis generates (based on Media settings):

      • orig-file-700×525.jpg LARGE
      • orig-file-350×262.jpg MEDIUM
      • orig-file-260×160.jpg THUMBNAIL

      Yes, I’m going to need those files, except I don’t see where the THUMBNAIL is used with the Genesis framework at all.

      Epik generates (from /epik/functions.php)

      • orig-file-630×320.jpg FEATURED-IMG
      • orig-file-276×140.jpg FEATURED-PAGE
      • orig-file-264×200.jpg PORTFOLIO-THUMBNAIL

      So my question is (and I understand the PORTFOLIO-THUMBNAIL is used on the portfolio page. Got that.)

      1. Where in the Epik Theme is the FEATURED-PAGE and FEATURED-IMG used?

      2. Finally there is an errant orig-file-120×120.jpg file being created that I cannot for the life of me figure out why or where it’s being created and/or needed.

      I hope this is not all mud, and I’m making myself clear. #help #gurus #wes


        I can assist (since Wes is busy)…

        1. The featured-page and img was added as an option if you wanted to select a featured image size for things like the Genesis Featured Page/Post widget….or when selecting a Featured Image size in the Genesis Theme Settings for the blog, etc….

        2. I’m not sure why that’s happening, I don’t think Epik has anything has anything inside of it that would do that…..could just be a setting somewhere, not sure.

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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