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      I purchased legacy and Epik, and I am running Legacy 1.3 without any problems, but now I installed Legacy 1.4. and have multiple issues:

      1. I cannot change the colour scheme as I could in Legacy 1.3
      2. I cannot use any slider. I tried meta-slider as well as Shortcodes Ultimate slider. Both don’t work, neither on Legacy nor on Epic
      3. I suddenly can no longer use the customiser to customise the widgets. I get the following error: “There are no widget areas on the page shown, however other pages in this theme do have them”. However, I can access them from the widget area.
      4. The pages load and load and don’t stop loading.
      5. On one occasion the legacy customiser stopped working and I lost all data entered.
      The site is
      I use the newest releases of Genesis and WordPress and PHP7. I started to work on Legacy 1.4. and then switched to Epik as I encountered so many problems. Apparently that also didn’t help.

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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