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      Hi! I am setting up the new optimal theme layout on our site and am unclear on which widget area the new front page 6,7,8,9, 10 , and 11 are suppose to be. I can tell Front Page 1 in the slider, Front page 2 is the welcome, Front page 3 is Home Feature 1, Front Page 4 and 5 is Home Feature 1 and 2…. But then front page 6 and 7 in the demo seem to be full width, which seems is only possible in the home body message section? Can you please confirm. Front page 8 seems to be home bottom side bar and front page 9 home featured posts, and then front page 10 and 11 back to home body message area (because it is full width).

      Is this info somewhere for me to reference? I am currently using this link to follow: but am not figuring out how Front page 6 and 7 are full width above front page 8and 9 and then front page 10 and 11 go back to full width.

      Then, also, we imported the widgets from the demo but the front page 7 (what we do with the blue-ish back ground) and the front page 11 (testimonial section – with the black background) are not displaying a colored background in these sections. Where do we add the color?

      I have 2 other questions but will submit via another form/topic. TY in advance!!!


        Front Page 6 is the section with the iPad and iPhone on the side.

        Front Page 7 is the Blueish “What we do” section right under that.

        Front Page 8 is the column on the left labeled – “Enhance your Results with a Better Design.”

        Front Page 9 is the widget area on the right of FP8. We’re using the Genesis Featured Posts Plugin to show 3 of the latest Blog Posts.

        Front Page 10 and 11 are the 2 full width sections right under that.

        The Blog Posts that you see after those widgets on the demo show up automatically. You can turn those Posts on or off from the Customizer in the Front Page Content Settings tab.

        The Widget file from the Doc page is supposed to upload all of these sections automatically.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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