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    Hi. Can someone advise how to get my slider images to appear centered with maximum width and size like Abigail’s site:

    My site is



      Looks like you haven’t set a width to your slider yet. You’ll need to change it to 1152px since thats the width of the theme. You may also want to download and run a plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails – This will automatically adjust your images to fit after you make changes to the sizes.


      Thanks, Wes! I actually had width set to 960 and height to 350, but do not recall where I got those suggestions from. I went ahead and changed the width to 1152, and regenerated thumbnails (had that great plugin). Is there a recommended max height? Thanks!


        The height really depends on your images….it could be different for everyone. The demo’s height is 400px, so you could start with that and adjust it until it looks right.


        Thanks again! Understood. I will go with 400. Lastly, if I changed the width of the slider to 1152 in the slider settings, and the images after using regen thumbs still do not span the width of the theme, what do you suggest setting the sizes in general settings for media to? Thanks!


          The image probably just has to be large enough….or at least near the size you want. Always choose “Large” when uploading your images.

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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