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      This version of my site has “Settings/Reading/Front Page displays: Your latest posts”:

      This version (with slightly out of date content) has Settings/Reading/Front Page displays: A static page”:

      Both front pages are fine, but on the second site, the “Club News” page (with Template = “Blog”) also looks like the front page.

      I’d like to use the second setting so that I can add Jetpack-style sharing icons to one of the footer widgets, but I need to get the posts page working first.

      I’m sure that I must be missing something, but what?


      Edit: I have looked through several similar-but-not-quite-the-same questions on this forum, and was not able to work out what to do.


        Make sure and check your page template. Use the blog template on that page. Also, you have the FULL WIDTH layout set for that page as well (FYI).

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          Thanks for your reply.

          I’ve double-double checked the test site, and the “Club News” page definitely has the “Blog” template, and it definitely uses a page layout with a sidebar.

          It seems as if the front/landing page is taking precedence (as it does on the main site, with the “Your latest posts” setting).




            Because I assumed that I was doing something wrong, I thought that I would start again from scratch with a test site. I followed these steps:

            1. Install WordPress
            2. Upload Genesis 2.1.2
            3. Upload and activate Epik 1.4
            4. Set permalinks to “Day and name”
            5. Add widgets to Welcome Feature #1, #2 and #3
            6. Add page “Home”, with Template “Home”
            7. Add page “Blog”, with Template “Blog”

            At this point the home and blog pages work as expected.

            8. Change “Reading settings” to “A static page” using “Home” and “Blog” for the “Front” and “Posts” page, respectively.

            At this point the home page works as expected, but the blog page is also widgetised:


            I can’t describe or reproduce it any more simply than that, and I can’t see what is wrong with step 8 (or any of the others).

            Does this mean that the WP static page option is not compatible with Epik?

            If that is the case then I can’t (easily) add the Jetpack sharing to the home page because, with a non-static home page, the sharing code thinks that the blog page is current.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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