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      I’ve got my homepage just how I want it, by importing the demo site widgets then copying the text/images from my old homepage. So my new homepage (the home.php) using the Epik theme is the same information but in the Epik format.

      I notice that my old homepage has now reverted to being a standard wordpress page, and the URL is now the previous title. Can I just delete this page now, as it contains exactly the same text as my new homepage? Should it be deleted to prevent duplication issues?

      Also, as the new homepage is made mostly of widgets, how will this switch to a php homepage affect my SEO?

      I looked for info on here, but there’s not any definitive assurance that SEO won’t be negatively affected. I expect that it has no negative impact, otherwise I’m sure there would be lots of negative comments about it, but does anyone have any input on this?

      Thanks, it’s a great theme, I’m very happy with the look of my site!


        Do you have a link to your site? You’re using the latest version right?

        I may be a little confused on what you’re asking, so correct me if I’m wrong. If you have an older homepage that you’re not using then yes you should be able to delete it if you’re sure you’re not using it. Although the homepage shows up based on whether your widgets are being used/activated…..so you shouldn’t have to create a “Home” Page for your widget info to show up on the front page. I explained how it works here if you haven’t already seen it – https://appfinite.com/tutorials/how-to-setup-the-home-and-blog-page/

        Let me know if that tutorial helps.


          Hi Wes,

          My site is at http://www.jonathon.co

          I’ve managed to create a new homepage as shown in your tutorial, thank you for that.

          When the new homepage is activated by using the widgets, my old homepage becomes a regular page on my site. I just wanted to check if it is OK to delete that page now. I expect that it is fine to delete.

          Regarding SEO, do you have any info about this? Does using widgets for the homepage affect SEO, either positively or negatively?



            To be honest I’m not an SEO expert….yet 馃槈 but I assume having multiple widgets are a good thing since so many of the experts I know have sites that use them. Plus, I would think that having more widgets means more content than can be picked up by search engines, but again I wouldn’t know the exact answer to that.

            StudioPress created Genesis to be pretty good at SEO by default, so most Child themes are good as long as they follow best practices.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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